Golf Clubs

Second-hand golf clubs are an excellent investment for
experienced golfers as well as for amateurs and new white ball enthusiasts.

Your performance depends not
only on your technique, but also on the quality of your clubs. The titanium
clubhead is more preferred even if it is more expensive than the steel one.
Indeed, it is very light and above all robust. You can discover different types
of heads. Generally, the thicker the sole of the club, the more suitable the
club is for a beginner level player. When the sole is rather thin, the smaller
the size of the head will be. Many brands design an OS (Over Sized) version
that meets the needs of beginners. More experienced players focus on MB (Muscle
Ask) and CB (Cavity Back) heads. In principle, the club head has a life span of
3 years, and after this period it must be replaced. It can be damaged by
corrosion (pesticides, fertilizers) and the signs of wear are usually a
deformed face or faded grooves. Before buying a used golf club, you must pay
very close attention to wear and tear. Clubs that have been used for a long
time may have worn and shiny areas in the center. You must make sure that the
grooves have well-defined edges. Avoid selecting clubs with indentations and
wear spots on the face. This is because the grooves are no longer 100%, which
could unfortunately affect the ball’s flight.

The shaft or shaft of the golf
club guarantees you a great deal of playing comfort. You can discover two
models, and depending on the model, the criteria to be examined are different:


These rounds are more for
less experienced players, beginners and people with a slow swing speed. In
general, they are more flexible, lighter and effectively reduce the impact when
the club hits the ground. Graphite shafts should be replaced every 5 years.


These shafts are much heavier
than the previous ones, and they are designed for players who have excellent
swing speeds. Very robust, they offer more feel and a better precision of very
sharp shots. The steel shafts should be changed every 10 years.

The grip

The grip is the coating on
the shaft of your club, guaranteeing you a precise, firm and secure grip when
hitting. Experienced players prefer string grips, which offer excellent grip.
That said, the perfect grip is the one that you have the ability to grip
firmly. Depending on the rhythm of play and wear, it can be changed every 2
years. It is the only area of contact between you and the club and its feel
defines how you mentally perceive your club. Soil, dust, heat and sweat from
your hands can contribute to the degradation of your grip. Just as with car
tires, if it doesn’t have depth, then you need to start changing it. You may
also encounter some signs of wear such as cracks, loss of grip, hard and smooth


Today, more and more websites
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